Your Water Meter

Valencia Water Company (VWC) attempts to read your meter monthly (generally every 27 to 33 days) to record the amount of water delivered to your system. But, you can determine your water usage on a daily or weekly basis by reading the meter yourself. Reading your own meter helps to conserve water, detect leaks, and even determine the amount of water used by your outdoor sprinklers.

After finding your meter (it is typically located at the front of your property), use a screwdriver or another tool to lift the lid of the register. Use a wet rag to wipe off the meter if it is dirty.


1. The red needle records tenths of a cubic foot. So, each full revolution of the needle represents one cubic foot of water (7.48 gallons) passing through the meter.


2. The register records the total amount of water that passes through the meter in cubic feet. This register shows 527,801 cubic feet of water have gone through this meter since it has been in use. Since VWC bills by hundreds of cubic feet (CCF), we disregard the last two numbers – 01 here – for the purposes of billing.


3. The flow indicator spins when water passes through the meter. To check for leaks, turn all faucets and water-using appliances off, then monitor your meter. If the flow indicator moves, that means water is passing through the meter, and you probably have a leak.


If you’d like to determine the amount of water you use in a single day, for example, read your meter once, then do it again 24 hours after the first reading. Subtract the first reading from the second reading to arrive at the usage. For example, if your first reading is 527801, and your second is 527851, then you know you used .5 CCF of water in 24 hours. To convert that amount into gallons, simply multiply the usage by 748 (one CCF equals 748 gallons). In our example, we have used 374 gallons (.5 X 748).