Schedules, Rules and Forms



The following listed tariff sheets contain full effective rate and rules affecting the charges and service of the Utility, together with other pertinent information. To view a tariff, please click on the highlighted item description below. As of February 27, 2014, Valencia Water Company is no longer subject to regulation by the California Public Utilities Commission. The schedules, rates and forms that follow are undergoing revisions to reflect this change.


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Subject Matter of Sheet Sheet No.
Title Page 501-W
Table of Contents 811-W, 812-W
Preliminary Statement 368-W, 694-W, 773-W, 791-W, 775-W
Service Area Map 740-W
ScheduleNo. 1 General Metered Service 792-W
Schedule No. 4 Private Fire Service 793-W, 794-W
Schedule No. 5 Recycled & Untreated Water Service 795-W
List of Contracts and Deviations 409-W
No. 1 Definitions 214-W, 215-W
No. 2 Description of Service 130-W
No. 3 Application for Service 13-W, 543-W
No. 4 Contracts 14-W
No. 5 Special Information Required on Forms 478-W, 349-W, 486-W
No. 6 Establishment and Re-establishment of Credit 17-W
No. 7 Deposits 117-W, 142-W
No. 8 Notices 796-W, 352-W
No. 9 Rendering and Payment of Bills 650-W, 651-W, 797-W
No. 10 Disputed Bills 479-W, 221-W
No. 11 Discontinuance and Restoration of Service 353-W to 358-W, 716-W, 360-W
No. 12 Information Available to Public 502-W, 29-W
No. 13 Temporary Service 30-W, 31-W
No. 14 Continuity of Service 32-W
No. 14.1 Water Conservation and Rationating Plan 798-W to 810-W
No. 15 Main Extensions 322-W to 334-W, 483-W
No. 16 Service Connections, Meters, and Customers Facilities 336-W – 340-W, 717-W, 342-W
No. 17 Measurement of Service 200-W
No. 18 Meter Test and Adjustment of Bills for Meter Error 51-W – 53-W
No. 19 Service to Separate Premises and Multiple Units, and Resale Water 519-W
No. 20 Water Conservation 513-W
No. 21 Fire Protection 514-W
No. 1 Application for Water Service 412-W
No. 2 Customer’s Deposit Receipt 413-W
No. 3 Bill for Service 504-W, 488-W
No. 3A Annual Bill Insert 505-W
No. 4 Main Extension Contract-Individuals 201-W
No. 7 Delinquency Notice 489-W
No. 8 Main Extension Contract 481-W, 482-W, 418-W
Form F Uniform Hydrant Service Agreement 204-W