Summary of Water Service Rates

Valencia Water Company (VWC) has 3 types of Wate Rates: General Metered Services, Private Fire Services and Recycled/Untreated Services to qualified customers where available.

VWC periodically has rate increases and decreases. The rate change will always have an effective date. When a billing period overlaps the effective date of the rate change, only the period and usage after the effective date is assessed at the new rate. This is referred to as prorating the monthly bill.


General Metered Services

Applicable to all metered water service for which no special schedule is available. See Rate Schedule No. 1.


Private Fire Services

Applicable to all private fire services and private fire hydrants. See Rate Schedule No. 4.


Recycled and Untreated Water Metered Services

Applicable to all recycled and untreated water metered services. See Rate Schedule No. 5.

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