Apply For Service

You can apply for service by phone or in person. Call (661) 294-0828 or stop by our office at 24631 Avenue Rockefeller, in the Valencia Industrial Center. See office hours and calendar.

A deposit is not required to open most accounts. However, all delinquent accounts must be brought up-to-date prior to re-establishing service.

Although you don’t have to be present when we establish service, we do ask that no water faucets or valves be left open the day we are scheduled to turn on your meter. The meter will not be left on if our Field Representative sees the meter spinning, indicating something is on, or is leaking when you are not home.

We need two business days to establish service in your name. Please have the following information handy to give to a Customer Service Representative.


  • Location Address of Service


  • Location Phone Number


  • Date to be Turned On (allow two business days)


  • Billing Name


  • Social Security Number for Billing Name (for residential service)


  • Employer Information (for residential service)


  • Work Phone Number (for residential service)


  • Driver’s License or ID Number (for residential service)


  • Federal Taxpayer ID Number (for a business)