Prohibited Water Waste Activities

  • Allowing water to run off your property onto sidewalks, into gutters, and streets, etc…
  • Washing driveways and/or sidewalks
  • Washing a motor vehicle using a hose without a shut-off nozzle
  • Using potable water in non-recirculating fountains and decorative features
  • The application of potable water to outdoor landscapes during and 48 hours after measureable rain
  • The irrigation with potable water of ornamental turf within public medians
  • Restaurant serving water other than upon request
  • Hotel/motel not offering to launder linens and towels other than daily

Water Use Efficiency Resources

Working together to conserve is beneficial to our community and our environment.


The prudent use of our most valuable natural resource, water, should be in the forefront of our thoughts and actions.

Water SMART Allocation Program

Water Allocations were introduced in 2009 under the Water SMART Allocation program. Individually metered residential customers and dedicated irrigation metered customers can now see their monthly allocations on their billing invoices or via their online accounts.

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WaterSMART Workshop

The workshop is an online ( course where you will learn about the current drought, how to become more efficient in your water use, how to read and analyze your bill, and how to save water both inside and outside of your home!

If you are a Valencia Water Company customer and complete the course, you will earn a $20.00 credit on your water bill!

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FREE Residential Water Tune-Up

In our continuing commitment to serve our customers, Valencia Water Company offers a water survey at no cost to you. Our contractor, WaterWise Consulting, will go to your home and spend about an hour checking for leaks, installing water saving devices, and sharing conservation information with you.

Call 888-987-9473 to schedule your FREE tune-up today!

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FREE Residential Water Efficiency Kit

Valencia Water Company offers residential customers a Free Water Efficiency Kit for their homes. The Water Efficiency Kit includes: 2 WaterSense® labeled shower heads, 2 WaterSense® labeled bathroom faucet aerators, 1 hose nozzle, 1 replacement toilet flapper, 2 leak detector dye tablet packs, and 1 flow rate bag with instructions.

Customers are limited to 1 Water Efficiency Kit per account and kits can be picked up at our 24631 Ave Rockefeller office.

HELIUM Program

Option 1: Drip Irrigationnew-logo

Valencia Water Company now offers Drip Irrigation Conversion Rebates of 50¢/sqft. Converting spray irrigation for shrubs, flowers, and other non-turf applications can achieve substantial savings.

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Option 2: HE Nozzles and Pressure Regulation

Valencia Water Company now offers rebates (100% for HE Nozzles, 75% for Master Pressure Regulation, and $10.00 per Pressure Regulating Body) when you replace your old spray sprinklers with high-efficiency equipment to make your irrigation system lean, mean and green!

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Qualifying Products


Option 3: FREE Sprinkler Nozzles

Now it’s even easier to save water and keep your landscapes beautiful. Customers can receive up to 25 high efficiency nozzles courtesy of Valencia Water Company’s Water Conservation Program.

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SCV Family of Water Suppliers

Valencia Water Company, as a member of the SCV Family of Water Suppliers, now offers rebates and incentives including a FREE Weather Based Irrigation Controller, Rebates for Turf Conversion ($2.00 per square foot), and up to $200 rebate for pool covers.

EPA WaterSense Program

Valencia Water Company is now a Promotional Partner of the EPA’s WaterSense Program, a program that seeks to protect the future of our nation’s water supply by promoting water efficiency and enhancing the market for water efficient products, programs, and practices.

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