Water Sources

Historically, local groundwater extracted from the Alluvial and Saugus Aquifers has been the primary source of water in the Santa Clarita Valley. However, since 1980, local groundwater supplies have been supplemented with State Water Project water supplies.


Groundwater comes from local wells. Some wells are shallow and tap into the Alluvial Aquifer beneath the Santa Clara River and its tributaries. Others draw water from the much deeper Saugus Aquifer.


Surface water utilized in the Santa Clarita Valley comes from the State Water Project, an 880-mile system of rivers, aqueducts and reservoirs that transports water from the Northern Sierra Nevada to Southern California. Castaic Lake Water Agency’s State Water Project water is transported to Castaic Lake, which is part of the State Water Project.


Below is a map of the State Water Project.


For additional information on the State Water Project, visit the Castaic Lake Water Agency web site.