Quality Report Water Sources FAQ
Anyone who depends on groundwater for their drinking water has a stake in protecting groundwater from contamination. This includes anyone from the largest utility to individuals in a community. Although we often think of major accidents as the cause of groundwater contamination, many seemingly insignificant sources may contribute greatly to the decreasing quality of our groundwater. Our personal actions and choices have direct consequences on the quality of our environment. Well thought-out, long-range decisions can benefit everyone. The following tips can help you to protect your drinking water.

What You Can Do:

  • Never dump paints, oils or other household hazardous wastes on the ground, into storm drains or other improper areas. Many auto repair shops will accept used oil and the City of Santa Clarita offers free door to door collection. They can be reached at (800) HHW-PKUP.

  • Follow application directions for fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Over-application not only wastes money but also may be bad for the environment. Where possible, use Earth-friendly alternatives.

  • Use safe alternatives to commercial cleaning products, such as bleach for cleaning toilets and ammonia for washing windows. The alternatives are less expensive too!

  • Report illegal or abandoned waste sites. Drums of hazardous wastes dumped illegally or abandoned can be a serious threat. Immediately notify the City of Santa Clarita's Environmental Service Division at the Pollution Prevention hotline 661-222-7222 of any illegal dumping activities.

  • Get involved in community ground water education and protection programs.
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