On October 27, 2015, Valencia Water Company's (VWC) Board of Directors approved a resolution to extend VWC's service area to provide retail water service to the Mission Village Project, a new planned subdivision directly adjacent to VWC's existing service area in unincorporated Los Angeles County. VWC provided a notice of the pending decision to our existing customers on September 8, 2015, informing our customers of the proposal and inviting customer comments.

In order to ensure that our customers continue to be fully informed regarding this important matter, we are posting for public review a copy of the resolution approving the service area expansion and the staff report with attached exhibits, which were provided to VWC's Board prior to deciding on the resolution. We are not posting copies of the customer comments themselves, which were attached separately to the staff report provided to the Board, in order to protect from disclosure the personal information of the customers who provided comments.

Resolution Approving a Service Area Expansion to the Mission Village Project Property

Staff Report on Expansion of VWC Service Area to Encompass Mission Village Project

Resolution Approving the Provision of Notice to Customers Regarding Proposed Service Area Expansion

Water Supply Verification for Mission Village Project (SB221)

Water Supply Assessment for Mission Village Project (SB610)

Map Depicting Proposed Service Area Boundary

Customer Notice Regarding Proposed Service Area Expansion

Developer Request for Service

County of Los Angeles Fire Flow Requirement and Fire Flow Test

Approved Tentative Tract Map 61105

Final Environmental Impact Report Mission Village

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