Water SMART Dedicated Irrigation

The Santa Clarita Valley is an attractive place to live and work, in part because of its hundreds of acres of well-designed and maintained parks, sports fields, landscaped sidewalks, pathways and entryways.


Yet, landscape irrigation can account for 50 percent or more of the water used in the Santa Clarita Valley.


The Water SMART Allocation Program for Dedicated Irrigation Meter Customers promotes optimum water efficiency through:

  • Allocations and tiered rates that reward efficiency and discourage waste
  • High-efficiency irrigation technology
  • Santa Clarita Valley friendly plants that use less water
  • Educational programs for the latest planting and irrigation techniques
  • Free water surveys and analysis


The Valencia Water Company Water SMART Allocation Program for Dedicated Irrigation Meter Customers is a fair and equitable method of providing customers with dedicated irrigation meters an amount of water calculated to efficiently meet their specific needs.


Because monthly allocations take into account actual weather data for each billing period, allocation amounts will vary month by month, and from season to season. The tiered pricing system (below) promotes efficiency and sends pricing signals to discourage wasteful water use. Valencia Water Company customers who use water within their allocations are rewarded with some of the lowest rates in the Santa Clarita Valley.


The Water SMART program is also applicable to customers using multiple sources of water (potable, recycled and untreated) through meters dedicated to irrigate the same landscaped area (referred to as “Dedicated Irrigation Meters – Mixed Sources”). Details on how Dedicated Irrigation Meters – Mixed Sources work is explained on Schedule No. 1-DIM-MS.

Tips, Resources & Rebates

Valencia Water Company works with Dedicated Irrigation Meter Customers – from commercial property owners to local municipalities to homeowner associations – to reduce overall irrigation use.


An undetected leak, broken pipe or spray head, faulty irrigation valves or incorrect irrigation schedule can waste hundreds or thousands of gallons of water and can result in unnecessary higher bills. Too much water can also damage sidewalks, fences and other hardscapes, further adding to the costs of maintenance and replacement.


Consider the latest in landscaping techniques that can lead to even more water savings while retaining beauty and appeal. More tips can be found here.

Log onto your Web Connect account to evaluate your historical water use and compare it with your monthly water allocation.

Tiered Rates

Valencia Water Company implemented tiered pricing structure effective January 23, 2012.


Customers who remain at or below their allocations will pay the lowest rates. Those who exceed their allocation pay more. The allocation-based rate structure rewards water efficiency. Valencia Water Company customers who use water efficiently will continue to enjoy rates that are among the lowest in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Variance Request Process

The Water Smart Allocation program is applicable to all customers with dedicated irrigation meter water service. The Water SMART Allocation program is based on the specific landscaped area being served by the customer’s dedicated irrigation meter. While the Water SMART program is designed specifically for each of the customer’s individual dedicated irrigation meters, there may be instances when a customer needs a modified Water SMART allocation.


You may qualify for an allocation variance (increase) if the actual landscaped area maintained and irrigated by the dedicated irrigation meter customer is 1) greater than the landscaped area assigned to the dedicated irrigation meter, 2) in a fire control zone, 3) in an erosion control zone or 4) is considered as Special Landscaped Area.


Based on the above criteria, if you qualify for an increased allocation please print and complete the Variance Request Form and return it to our Customer Service department along with the required documentation. Variance Request Forms can also be picked up at the Valencia Water Company office at 24631 Avenue Rockefeller, Valencia, CA 91355. For more information, call Customer Service department at (661) 294-0828 or email customerservice@valenciawater.com.


If you are requesting a variance for landscaped areas that may be considered “Special Landscaped Areas”, in a fire control zones or an erosion control zone, please refer to Schedule No. DIM-VAR for additional information.

Click here to read the Company’s complete variance process