Valencia Water Company and its customers understand the importance of being Water SMART. The “SMART” has stood for “Saving Money and Resources Today,” but lately we find the last word may be more appropriately called “Together.”

Since implementing water allocations and tiered rates, Valencia Water Company is working even more closely with its customers to help them become more water efficiency and take steps to help prevent the wasteful use of this precious resource.

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Residential Customers

Water conservation begins at home.
Being more efficient saves money, protects the environment and helps all of us be better prepared for California’s periodic droughts. It’s easier than you think.

Dedicated Irrigation Meter Customers

The Santa Clarita Valley is a nice place to work and live because of well-designed parks, sports fields, golf courses, and landscaped medians, streetscapes and entryways. Click here to find rebates, tips and other tools to be more efficient.