Better Tools

New technology makes it easier to provide water customers with more up-to-date details about their specific water use, how much water is needed on a daily basis to irrigate their specific landscapes and what amount of water is considered ideal to meet their overall needs.


In short, more information for customers will empower them to be even more efficient with a very precious resource. The tiered pricing structure provides increasing economic price signals for the inefficient, excessive and wasteful use of water.


Valencia Water Company customers are to be applauded for conserving water. We live in a semi-arid climate, so conserving water and being Water SMART are important regardless of whether we’re in a drought or in years when rain is plentiful.


The Santa Clarita Valley has been fortunate to have a well managed and diversified water supply portfolio – through a reliable groundwater basin, supplies secured outside our region, recycled water, and reserves held in underground storage basins.


Yet, periodic droughts and restrictions on pumping water supplies from Northern California, climate change and other factors create water supply and delivery challenges for our state. Legislation now requires all Californians to reduce their water use by 20 percent by the year 2020.

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How It Works

The Valencia Water Company Water SMART program is a fair and equitable method of providing residents an amount of water calculated to efficiently meet their specific needs. This system is based on extensive national research and local studies.


Calculations take into account the amount of landscaping for each property, and daily weather readings to give each home an individualized allocation. Allocations are divided to show indoor and outdoor amounts. Indoor amounts will generally remain constant, but outdoor amounts will fluctuate depending upon actual weather conditions.


A customer’s individual allocation, how their actual use compares to their allocation, and other helpful details will be provided both on their bills and on their private online accounts on this website.

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Variance Request Process

The Water Smart Allocation program is applicable to all individually metered residential water service. The Water SMART Allocation program is based on four (4) people per home and the specific landscaped area of each customer’s lot. While the Water SMART program is designed specifically for each individual customer, there may be instances when a customer needs a modified Water SMART allocation.


You may qualify for an allocation variance (increase) if you have special medical needs, operate a licensed care facility or have more than four (4) people living in your home. You may also qualify If you have irrigated landscape area that is greater than the amount assigned to your home, or if your home is in a fire control zone.


Based on the above criteria, if you qualify for an increased allocation please print and complete the Variance Request Form and return it to our Customer Service department along with the required documentation. Variance Request Forms can also be picked up at the Valencia Water Company office at 24631 Avenue Rockefeller, Valencia, CA 91355. For more information, call Customer Service department at (661) 294-0828 or email customerservice@valenciawater.com.


If you are requesting a variance for more than 8 people in the home, special medical needs, licensed care facility or fire control zone, please refer to the Schedules, Rates and Forms page for additional information.

Click here to read the Company’s complete variance process.

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Example Tips

For customers who find themselves in the Inefficient range (see chart), it may take only a few simple steps to bring their water use back into the Efficient level. From experience, we know an “inefficient” water allocation reading may indicate a leaking pipe, a broken sprinkler, a water irrigation controller that might need adjusting, a leaking flapper in a toilet, or a number of other items that can be easily remedied.


Our Web site includes Water Conservation Tips to save water without sacrificing lifestyle, rebate programs to install high efficiency toilets, the free Residential Water Survey program, the weather based irrigation controller program, water-wise landscape classes, and more.

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Example Tiered Rates

Valencia Water Company implemented tiered pricing structure effective February 1, 2011.


Customers who remain at or below their allocations will pay the lowest rates. Those who exceed their allocation pay more. The allocation-based rate structure rewards water efficiency. Valencia Water Company customers who use water efficiently will continue to enjoy rates that are among the lowest in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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